Rishi’s Writing Portfolio

I’m a freelance content writer with over 8 years of full-time writing experience. I’ve written in many different niches in the past, but I specialize in SEO, WordPress, and online marketing in general.

I’m obsessed with research, and make sure each and every piece of content my keyboard pumps out is backed by solid, reliable research.

I also own a few WordPress sites that I’ve built from scratch and do SEO for. So I’m one of the few writers who truly understand content marketing and SEO.

Since I actually do the things I write about, I find myself to be in a much better position to educate the readers through actionable content. I’ve always had a conversational, engaging writing tone that can make the most technical of topics sound easy to even beginners.

I’ve worked with many different brands in the industry and bring a diverse range of experience to the table. I’ve worked on a great variety of topics in the WordPress, SEO and online marketing niche.

If you think a writer with a lot of experience and knowledge about different WordPress, SEO and digital marketing topics – and content marketing in general – would be an asset for your blog or business, feel free to reach out to me here.